Why Thutmose III can be ‘King Shishak of Egypt’


 Damien F. Mackey


Egyptologists believe that pharaoh Thutmose III had,  in his ‘First Campaign’ against the ‘king of Kadesh’, in the C15th BC,  assaulted the strong fort of Megiddo in northern Israel.

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, however, in his Ages in Chaos  (I), whilst accepting that Megiddo was the pharaoh’s target here, had lowered  these dates by 500 years, to the C10th BC.

For Velikovsky, Egypt’s foe was king Rehoboam, and  Kadesh, the “Holy”, was Jerusalem.

And Thutmose III was the biblical “Shishak king of Egypt” (I Kings 14:25).

My own view is that Megiddo could not have been the location arrived at by the Egyptians – though I would accept Velikovsky’s  dating of Thutmose III.

So, what is the preferential geography for this ‘First Campaign’?

And was “Kadesh” indeed Jerusalem? Or was it some other location?


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